What is Women in Blockchain Africa?

Women in Blockchain Africa (WBA) is a blockchain awareness platform aimed at empowering women through blockchain technologies as well as foster the sustainable partnership of women to lead in the education, development, and promotion of blockchain technologies in Africa, where they meet other women who are enthusiastic about innovative disruptive systems and the blockchain technology.

Our mission is to create diversity and equity within the blockchain space in Africa. Through this program, women from all spheres should be empowered by bringing diversity in tech through blockchain technology to create opportunities and build an ecosystem of leadership and inclusion.

We empower women through blockchain technology by:

  • Bringing together, connecting and promoting all groups that support women and our various causes to support blockchain initiatives
  • Organizing and sustaining a community of women dedicated to advancing the blockchain and DLT technologies
  • Offering strategic and informed program initiatives and the educational resources that foster an inclusive learning environment
  • Creating an atmosphere of collaboration that stimulates and supports innovation within the space
  • Sharing their accomplishments, knowledge and experiences and that of other women in blockchain.
  • Creating opportunities for women to enable socio-economic advancements.

#WomeninBlockchainAfrica will become the home of the largest directory of women-led blockchain and DLT technology ecosystem in Africa — allowing anyone, anywhere to find and support these aspiring women in blockchain related initiatives and matters.