New Kids on the Block Bootcamp Tour

The New Kids on the Block BOOTCAMP TOUR 2019 runs from 4th - 24th August 2019.

The goal of this Bootcamp is to

  • Build awareness of the world around them so they can take action
  • They will use this to develop critical life skills like collaboration, creative problem solving in entrepreneurship, design thinking and blockchain

The objectives of this bootcamp is to

1. DEVELOP CRITICAL THINKING : Move from the traditional educational learning to an out of classroom experience and encourage critical and visual thinking through learning

2. ENGAGE STUDENTS : Connect kids and their environment to explore real-world problems and challenges empowering concepts like community and teamwork. “I AM BECAUSE YOU ARE”

3. FOSTER INNOVATION : Use project-based learning to inspire them to obtain a deeper knowledge of the subjects they are working and generate brilliant ideas.


Program Rundown

WEEK 1. Empowering Kids with Design Thinking

Design thinking principles encourage kids to solution oriented and has an out of classroom experience. Inspire the leaders of tomorrow in developing their problem-solving skills

WEEK 2. Financial Literacy

Kids are living in a world where money is often a digital transaction rather than cash; it’s time to re-think how we’re teaching kids about transfer of value and how money has evolved throughout history. It’s increasingly important that kids understand the concept of DIGITILISATION AND DENOMINATIONS in our digital world – 

3. Blockchain for Kids

This workshop for kids introduces children to the blockchain technology.

Children will learn the functions of blockchain such as cryptocurrency, double spending, consensus, peer-to-peer transactions, decentralization and mining which will instill in them responsibility, transparency and accountability.


Event ended or took place already, take a look at the Gallery page for official images.